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Oh… you want to know about me?

I don’t know. I don’t really like talking about myself. Generally, I prefer to write limericks whenever I’m asked to write a bio. Like:

There once was a man from Ohio
Who didn’t like writing a bio.
It could be indiscreet
And still incomplete,
Just like the Venus de Milo.

I’ve heard that our identities are just stories that we tell about ourselves. I may have heard that on Radiolab. I’m kind of obsessed with that show. Or maybe it was from my friend Eleanor. We have conversations about such things. But anyway, this is my story.

I am a visual thinker who has a hard time verbalizing my thoughts. That’s why you’ll find that all of my old posts are just images with few to no words. I am also on the autism spectrum (which is not a tragedy, I assure you). Verbal communication is difficult for me. I prefer to avoid it altogether. Other than that, I am just like anyone else.

I have been obsessed with drawing and art for as long as I can remember. And unlike most people, I never stopped. Most people reach a point sometime in their childhood where other forms of expression become easier than art. I think for visual artists, this is not the case. For us, words are not sufficient to tell our story. So we stick with the images, and we hone our skills beyond what others have the patience for.

Here is a video of me doing a painting. (It’s sped up. I’m not that fast.)

As any self-respecting autist does, I have my intense interests. My main one, obviously, is painting. Specifically, I am compelled to paint faces. This is possibly related to my face blindness (prosopagnosia). I seem to not look at faces the way that most people do. I like to study the way light falls on them, the curves and angles, and the subtle variations in skin tone.

The interesting thing (at least to me) is that people are always telling me how good I am at capturing emotions and attitude in my portraits. It’s interesting because, along with the face blindness, I am completely clueless about reading people. You basically have to write what you’re feeling on a paper, tie it to a brick, and throw it at me before I’ll pick up on it. And so I feel a little, hmm… exposed, or vulnerable, knowing that I am capturing something in a painting that I don’t even see myself.

I’m also interested in breaking down stereotypes and prejudices of all sorts. But specifically I’m interested in gender deconstruction. I’ve always been baffled as to why certain things are supposedly feminine and others supposedly masculine. I’d like to live in a world where everyone can like what they like and feel what they feel without being told that it’s not meant for them.

I’m tired of talking about myself now. Please don’t be shy about asking questions or making requests for information. If I have a bit of knowledge that you don’t, I am more than happy to pass it on.

So that’s my story. I’m looking forward to hearing yours and to creating new chapters.