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Book Cover Art

In today’s e-book market, your book cover has a huge impact. It has to stand out among all the other self-published authors, and it has to compete with books published by publishing houses who hire design firms to do their covers, just to draw a potential reader’s initial interest.

What goes into a book cover?

Book cover art

Seeing a visualization of your specific characters, story, and ideas is pretty cool. You know it. I know it, too, because I create my own characters and bring them to life through painting. They are you, after all, not some generic people in a generic place doing generic things. You could opt for stock art or photos, but they may not be exactly right, and it’s really expensive to get an exclusive license so that no one else can use the same image. You don’t want your book getting mixed up with several others using the same image. Even if you opt for a text only cover, that involves plenty of design principles that can make the difference between drawing a buyer’s eye and making her wrinkle up her nose before she even reads the description.


That’s easy, right? Just pick a font? Well, not really. You have to consider your audience, the subject matter, readability, design flow, and so on. You weren’t going to use Comic Sans, were you? Please tell me you weren’t.

Licensing to use all of the above on commercial products

Okay, so you can get away with grabbing images from Google Image Search and sticking them in your PowerPoint presentations at your day job. But you absolutely cannot do that on a commercial product. If you are going to make money off of it, you need a legal license to use it. That goes for book cover art, photos, and fonts. And again, if you don’t want 12 other people using the same image, you’ll have to get an exclusive license.

Technical knowledge

I’ve been using Photoshop since the 1990s. It’s easy. Other people don’t seem to think so though. Apparently it has a pretty steep learning curve. Also, it’s expensive. If I didn’t use it for work, I’d probably use Gimp, which is free. It has an even steeper learning curve. I do encourage you to try it, because it’s awesome. But if you want something done quickly, I can help you out.

Design knowledge

Design knowledge is seriously undervalued, in my opinion. I see billboards that are impossible to read on the highway, because someone thought it was okay to design it themselves or hire a hobbyist with no training. The whole point of commercial design is to sell your product. There are dozens of points which help or hurt that goal. Getting them right can make a huge difference in sales.

What can I do for you?

  • High resolution custom book cover art and design for e-book or print covers
  • Facebook image banner to promote your book
  • Web banners of any size to promote your book
  • Custom bookmark design to match your book cover

How much does it cost?

My prices start at $200 for a basic cover, the total cost depending on what exactly you want. Contact me for a free estimate. Payment includes a copy of the final product for my archives.

Why should I pay so much for book cover art?

Check this out.

Where Authors Get Help
From Not a Gold Rush – The report of the Taleist Self-Publishing Survey 2012

Do the math. Compare the sales you expect to make doing your own cover to the amount a professional cover will net you. Is the difference more than the cost of the cover? If so, there you go.

Consider this. Suppose you’re planning a wedding and you need a cake. You like to bake, so you could do it yourself. It might even be pretty good. But chances are you are going to hire someone to do it who bakes cakes professionally, because this is a special occasion that you want to be absolutely perfect, and besides, you’ve got a million other things to do. If you’re self-publishing, you’ve got a million other things to do, because you’ve got to do all your marketing yourself. And, your book cover is going to represent you on every listing, every interview, every link, everywhere. However you decide to do it, make sure it’s something you’re proud to be associated with.

And good luck! Indie authors, I love you!