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What medium do you use?

At the moment, I paint everything digitally with an old Wacom tablet and Photoshop. (Occasionally, I use Painter, but I’m not as familiar with it, so I find myself fussing around with it too much and kicking myself out of my mental painting mode.)

Can I have a free print of the painting you did for me?

If I could afford it, I’d do art for everyone for free. However, I have to pay my bills just like everyone else, and it costs me money to have prints made. I’d not just be losing out on income; I’d actually be spending money to give you a free print. So, unfortunately, no, I cannot give away free prints.

Can I have the full resolution file of the painting you did of me so I can print it myself?

Occasionally, I am inspired to paint portraits of people outside of paid commissions, with their permission. However, unless you have actually paid a commission for me to paint your portrait, I cannot give you the file to print. You are free to have a copy of the low resolution file though. If you would like prints of the painting, I would be happy to allow you to purchase them at the same cost as my other prints. Just let me know.