Custom Avatar Portrait from Photo

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Interested in a social media avatar from a photo of yourself or a friend? I will do an avatar portrait from a photo of your choice (head only). These are vector drawings hand-drawn in Adobe Illustrator. They are not auto-traced or automated in any way.

What You Get

You will get an avatar drawing of your or anyone else’s head.

  • Choose the JPG option if you intend to use your image online at 1000px or smaller.
  • Choose the EPS option if you intend to print it. It will be printable at any size without loss of quality.
  • One person per order
  • I retain the right to use your image on my website and portfolio.
  • I will not resell your image to anyone else.
  • Turn-around time is 10 days maximum.


In order for me to draw your avatar, I will need a clear headshot photo of the person you want me to draw. Please specify if you’d prefer a specific background color, as well as the eye color if it’s not obvious from the photo.


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